Marketplace apps like Amazon have taken the shopping experiences to the next level. So if you are also preparing and planning to venture into this ever-evolving e-commerce marketplace, it is a great idea as the online trend seems to grow upwards in the coming times.

Amazon is breaking records every year by earning huge revenues. To create such apps, it is vital to make customer experiences outstanding through the integration of emerging technologies like Augmented reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and voice-commands in-app. Let us find out more and learn the step-by-step process to create an e-commerce app.

  • Building an App like Amazon - Step-By-Step Process

    The prerequisites to making a multi-vendor eCommerce platform.

  • 1. Research and Plan

    The primary thing is to analyze the customer's needs, requirements and behaviour. Determine the kind of product that you want to sell and select your niche accordingly.

  • 2. Decide your Budget

    It has been recommended for the startups to keep the development cycle and cost at the lower side. You need to determine the type of technologies you want to integrate and decide your budget to launch the application. Depending upon the project's complexity, you can hire mobile app developers to get the best solutions.

  • 3. Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Approach

    Identify the Unique Selling Point of your multi-vendor app. It should include why a user should use your app over the competitors and its uniqueness. The primary attraction could be anything from express delivery to exclusive products and shopping rewards.

  • 4. Finalization Design & Development

    An experienced team of eCommerce app developers can help you finalize your app's design, development, maintenance, and optimization. You can contact the right expertise to start your process from the initial wire-framing to development, testing to the app launch, and you will get it all covered.

  • Powerful Features of ECommerce App

    When you want to create an outstanding eCommerce marketplace app like Amazon, you need to integrate powerful features to improve your customer's experience. Though the list can be long, here are some of the features that can help launch, run and grow an e-commerce marketplace platform.

  • 1. Easy Registrations

    Make it easy for consumers and vendors to sign up on the app. It is suggested to allow registrations through social media accounts. Integrations with social media also help users share their favourite items with their network, ultimately bringing more traffic and boosting sales.

  • 2. Quick Searchbar & Suggestions

    Consumers want their things instantly. In such cases, an advanced search bar helps save the time of navigating through the entire website. Also, when relevant items are recommended to the users, it increases the chances of purchase.

  • 3. Secure and Multiple Payment Options

    Users these days trust different platforms to make their payments. Therefore, it is good to integrate options such as Cash on Delivery, net banking, UPI payments, debit, and credit cards when building an app.

  • 4. Shopping Cart and Wishlist

    The app must provide a wishlist and an uncluttered shopping cart. In addition, both the pages should explain the details such as added items, costs, shipping charges, etc.

  • 5. Simple Checkouts

    Users want every page to appear instantly when shopping online, where the transaction process is not an exception. Thus, it is vital to provide 100% security while allowing users to make swift payments.

  • 6. Prompt Notifications & Alerts

    Real-time alerts and notifications are vital to keeping the customers updated with the latest discounts and offers. In addition, such messages give a sense of personalization that also builds better relationships where customers are engaged and informed.

  • 7. Ratings & Reviews

    Most users usually buy a specific item after going through the stories and reviews. So it makes this feature important that helps make most purchases.

  • 8. Hassle-free Order Management

    A dedicated order management dashboard is really important for an eCommerce marketplace app. It helps vendors to monitor and manage all the orders in real-time without any confusion.

  • The Cost of Developing Apps like Amazon

    The cost of developing a multi-vendor app varies. It depends upon various factors such as e-commerce platforms, complexities, functions, and features. The cost may also vary depending upon the level of expertise of your e-commerce app developer. For exact quotes, book a free consultation with the industry experts.