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Outside the Office Window: Leaders on the Ground! - Cricket Matches

Aren't these phrases energising to you?
Well, they are and this is how we find our leaders and fight stress.
At GeekyBones, we adopt a gamification culture! We integrate games into our workplace as we all like playing games for entertainment. Cricket, above all other games, is our favourite, and it has made office lunch even more pleasurable.
It's just that playing Cricket is so much fun that it motivates our employees to participate and raise team morale.
Also it is truly said by the famous cricket player Ravindra Jadeja, "Cricket is such a sport that you get to learn something from someone every day,"

We Stand Up, Walk Away From Our Computers, and Play Cricket

Sure, you could take a break and scroll your social media- but what have you actually changed? You’re still sitting at your desk looking at your screen. Your mobile phone doesn’t engage the brain like trying to bowl someone out or driving to catch the ball.

The idea here is to return to our seats, feeling revitalised. Any physical game would allow your body to move about after sitting for so long. Your mind has an opportunity to clear and refocus and that is what is crucial. Whether it's cricket or something else, the goal is to take a mental and physical break from your desk and job.

On the Roof Cricket to On-Field Actions

When you hear about on the roof cricket, doesn't it sound crazy? HAHA, indeed, it is crazy as we all were huge fans of cricket.

But, before you do that, make sure you have massive boundary walls all around your terrace so you don't fall down. Cricket is a field sport, therefore you should all enjoy it there. We didn't have enough room, so we started playing on a terrace that was completely enclosed by high walls and a net.

It all began with a six-person team and six overs. As the company flourished, we moved to a bigger location with a large, well-maintained ground. We go there every day during our lunch break with a team of about 20 players to experience on-field activity.

The Complete Cricket Experience

Yes, we bring it to life!

Remember how we used to queue outside the cricket stadium to catch a peek of the action on the field or just watch the matches on TV? However, during our lunch break, we now simply walk outside our office to the practice ground to play in the stadium.

We have a full fledged team including girls and boys. We play our game of cricket professionally where we have all the mandatory match equipment that includes bails, ball, bat, boundary, stumps and water bottles.